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By | June 4, 2014

Service contract is designed while hiring a designer, interior decorator, architecture etc. in order to detail nature of work and other relevant details of services. You can settle everything orally but written contract will prove really beneficial to avoid potential conflicts. Written contract will make it easy for you to effectively use all legal resources. Well written contract is an essential component of a successful services business because the contract will help you to deal with various important aspects of the business. It is important to design a new contract at the start of each project to explain terms and conditions, rights and duties of all parties, nature of services etc. Here is preview of this Services Contract Template,

Services Contract Template

A good services contract will protect all parties of the contract by explicitly explain their duties, rights and activities according to the plan. Following are some basic elements that should be included in the services contract:

The Parties:

It is important to write the details of party like entity and state of establishment for all parties. Write contact numbers, addresses and other important details for easy contact.

Scope of Work:

You can include as much details in this part as possible such as list of deliverables for the project, process of work, nature of services and charges for additional services. For instance, if you are a designer then you have to specify the concept revisions and include charges of every revision in the deal to avoid future conflicts.

Terms and Timeline:

Milestone dates and timeline for the services is really important to include in the services contract. This will prove really helpful to manage expectations and to promote timely performance or delivery of services from all parties of contracts.

Payment Details:

This can be the major reason of conflict so it is essential to include all basic details about the payment. You have to include specific information on deposits or retainers, payment amount and due dates. Do not forget to include charges or fines for any delay in the performance of services or payment for the services rendered.

Intellectual Property Ownership

Services contract should explain the ownership for the copyrights, trademark or patent rights because most of the projects require this type of information. Try to be specific while writing ownership provisions regarding schematics, plans, cipher, multimedia, graphics, design elements or any other touchable or insubstantial resources required during completion of project.

Contract Termination

Do not forget to include all clauses and ways for the termination of contract. There can be different options for the termination of contract like contract will be terminated after the delivery of final payment and deliverables, termination on written notice, termination on breach of rules and regulation of contract etc.

Other Legal Considerations

There are different other clauses that are optional but necessary to include in the service contract such as warranties, limitations of contract, compensation, indemnification, adjudication and choice of law. You can take help of any legal professional before including these points in services contract.

In short, services contract should be written but comprehensive agreement with easy to understand contents. Contents should be designed after taking mutual consent of all parties to clarify all expectations and obligations. It will help you to maintain healthy and long term relationships with your clients.

Here is download link of this Services Contract Template,

Download Services Contract Template

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