IT Contract Template

Contract is an official document that is used to make personal and business deals official and legal binding. It is drafted to secure the interests and benefits of all parties involved in the contract. Information technology agreement should explain specific terms and conditions provided by IT support services providers. IT contract is a legal document… Read More »

Business Contract Template

Business contract is an important document that is necessary to design to legally register a business deal. All types of small and large businesses enter in contracts with customers for the sale and purchase of products and services. Although, verbal contract can also be made but business contract should be in written form so that… Read More »

Consultant Contract Template

Consultants are generally hired by businessmen for their businesses and the fees charged by the consultant is depending on the experience and reputation of the consultant. Consultants are usually hired for new businesses in order to take corrective actions for the betterment and growth of the business. People who want to hire consultants should always… Read More »

Wedding Photography Contract Template

Whether you are photographing a wedding, birthday party, senior portraits or family reunion event, it’s essential that you prepare a contract and ask the client to sign on it. this contract states the services the client asked, the services you agreed to provide and the price you both agreed to pay you in return of… Read More »

Company Contract Template

It’s not possible for a company to always do all the work by itself and eventually at some point; it has to involve another business or company to do a mutual project. Companies do this on regular basis even huge companies hire more than one company on daily basis. In that situation, it’s not possible… Read More »

Lease Contract Template

Lease contract is drafted to protect the rights of both landlord and tenant. It is important to have lease agreement because in the absence of lease agreement the tenant will be free to break any law, destroy property and do anything as per his/her desires. It is important to have a well defined lease contract… Read More »

Employment Contract Template

There is always an employment contract when you start working for someone, be it an individual or a company. Being an employee of the company, you know the terms and conditions of the contract you have agreed to, and that you are familiar with these terms as well as you know what connotations these have.… Read More »

Confidentiality Contract Template

It is a legal document that is signed between any two parties that are interested to share any sort of secret material, knowledge or any sort of secret information for any of their future perspective, but they are intended to restrict the further sharing of this information to any other party or person. The names… Read More »

License Contract Template

If you want to use a trademark, a creative work or invention to another party, then you need a license contract. Actually , the contract is in written form and grants you the right to do work or use a thing. While using this agreement or agreement, a creator or inventor can profit from a… Read More »

Loan Contract Template

A loan agreement is a legal document signed between two parties which want to enter in the lending and borrowing of some amount in cash or in terms of some securities lending. This document is written in order to secure the regulation of the loan securely on the behalf of both the parties. These loan… Read More »

Maintenance Contract Template

The maintenance contract is an agreement that is legally signed by an organization or a part with another for hiring the services for the maintenance of any sort of instruments or particularly the operations of any organization. This agreement is a legal assurance for the mentioned services that will be offered under the duly signed… Read More »

Management Contract Template

Management contract is basically wide field of business terms documents in which have agreements between two parties like investors and owners of a project. A management company hired for coordinating and overseeing a contract. It spells out the conditions, duration of the agreement and the method of computing management. Contract management is really about maximizing… Read More »

Car Purchase Contract Template

Car contract is binding and an agreement between the customer and the car dealer and is become valid once the car is delivered to the customer. A car contract is generally the last step of the car purchasing process. A car contract is basically a document that features all the important information related to the… Read More »

Website Design Contract Template

It is most usual that customer takes advantage both of your work and worth. In order to avoid this, you need a sound design contract with your clients to have better dealing with them. When you intend to work with any company or firm, with all of your skills and knowledge, the company or the… Read More »

Photography Contract Template

A photography contract, as its name shows is a contract between the client and a photographer or a photography company. A photography contract can be domestic or commercial, in a domestic photography contract the contract is signed by a client and photographer for a personal event like wedding, birthday party or any other kind of… Read More »