Labor Contract Template

By | July 8, 2014

A labor contract is also known as a labor agreement. It is a binding legal agreement that provides a set of rules and regulations between an employer and an employee in order to govern better relationship. In a labor contract or agreement, both the parties enjoy the rights and responsibilities. What is more, parties can also enjoy the opportunities to seek remedy in an event that one party fails to live up to the obligations predetermined within the contract period. There are two main kinds of a labor contract.

In an individual contact can be between the employer and the employee while the collective is established by the labor union with a group of employers. Here is preview of this Labor Contract Template,

Labor Contract Template

Along with enjoying numerous benefits with this contact there are also some issues related to it. These issues are addressed while providing any type of labor contract. One of the most important, in the labor contract, that one needs to understand is the salary or wages of the employee. A number of contracts identify the initial pay scale of the employee followed by some details on how merit as well as cost of living wage rises over time. Except pay issues, there are many other benefits that are extended to the employee, for instance, the buildup of vacation time, sick leave, retirement benefits and access to health coverage. The terms in the contract also mention that employee will meet the obligations to keep those benefits. For example, the employees can be called in to work for a minimum number of hours each week to be classified as full time as well as entitled for sharing retirement plans or in any group insurance coverage that are offered through the employer.

That’s not all. There is a great amount of specific agreements that the employer does with the employee. The employer and the employee work over a commitment on how to maintain a work environment that meet the terms with any governmental regulations relating to safety matters. Similarly, observation of local jurisdictional laws is also there for that employer promises. These laws relate to continued employment, together with the discharge and any type of separation benefits that the employee will be able to receive after his or her termination. This will create a better environment of expectations between the employer and the employee. This will also provide a better understanding as well as a basis for a better evaluation on how well both employer and the employee are living up to those expectations.

In the labor contract, there is also mention that employees will refrain from joining any kind of trade union at some point after the commencement of their employment. There are some contracts that are considered illegal such as “yellow-dog contract.” It is necessary that when you come up with a contract you must keep in the mind the governmental terms and conditions. Once ignored these terms, this may lead to the dismissal of the contract or agreement between the employer and the employee.

Here is download link for this template,

Download Labor Contract Template

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