Farm Land Lease Agreement Template

By | June 13, 2014

Leasing land is the method for some small farms to grow their business by accessing extra resources without the investment cost of purchasing the land.  This can be very useful where there is a lack of managing resources. Here is preview of this Farm Land Lease Agreement Template,


Terms and Conditions of Farmland Lease Agreement

  • Time frame of creating the lease.
  • Names and details of the landlord and tenant.
  • Information of the leased property.
  • Interval or crop year covered by the lease.
  • Cash rent or shares of money costs and crop share and resource contributions of a landlord and a tenant.
  • When and how rent is paid.
  • Signatures of the landlord and tenant.
  • Notice requirement for termination of the lease.
  • Limitations and specifications for the use of the area and facilities – increased significance due to ecological law concerns.
  • Compensation guidelines for completed fieldwork or for a crop already growing when a lease is terminated.
  • Landlord’s right to a security attention in corps or other conditions for insuring the lease or crop share.
  • Conditions for arbitration or arbitration of disputes.
  • Once the basic conditions of your plan have been mentioned and registered, seek legal advice.

 Mistakes commonly made in the Farmland Lease Agreement:

Both parties should cover the following items to make sure that each has an excellent knowing of the new working relationship and feels the lease contract provides each of them well.

  • A very typical legal problem that often occurs is who has the liability for fences.
  • Land Quality. You should know the soil kinds on a farm.
  • Fertility.  Soil fertility levels are often neglected.
  • Use of Facilities.  Use of grain drying, machinery storage space, storage space units, and livestock buildings can add to the lease agreement.
  • Past History.  The popularity of the renter or property owner and/or the working relationship and former encounters between property owner and renter is often an important aspect in identifying final rental rates.
  • Location and size of farm.  These things are often overlooked.

Tips for Farmland Lease Agreement

  • Be experienced and competitive.  The most important aspect in farmland lease discussions is your expected income.
  • Know the landowner.
  • Be reliable. Renters should be efficient and pleasant.
  • Focus on your communications.  With regards to the owner, there can be either too much or too little communication.
  • Know lease laws. To make this possible both lease contracts and termination notices should be in writing, preferably with help from a lawyer.
  • Settle lease type.  Many landowners do not want the included complexness of either a flexible lease contract or a crop-share lease.
  • Be proactive.  Farmers who want to take this strategy should analyze land that they wish to farm and contact the property owner or his or her administrator and indicate a rent. They should also query and/or recommend the landowner about the cause time needed for a notice to terminate the present tenant.

Here is download link of this Farm Land Lease Agreement Template

Download Farm Land Lease Agreement Template

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