Exclusively Supply Agreement Template

By | June 13, 2014

The Exclusive Supply Agreement is an agreement between the exclusive provider of goods and distributor on exclusive basis in order to distribute and sell to consumers.

Structure of The Agreement: The Exclusive Supply Agreement mostly describes the procedure how the products will be ordered and supplied.  It explains the strategy of supply, title of loss, product warranty, payments and respective liabilities.  It is customizable for company’s particular usage.  Exclusive Supply Agreements results in efficiency in distribution. A supplier is allowed to schedule the amount of sales with greater reliability as well as distributors are motivated positively to market supplier’s product.  Suppliers usually award reciprocal benefits such as financial loans, business, guidance and financial advice to distributors that agree not purchasing competitor’s products.  Certainly, the suppliers would make sure that these benefits are not utilized to support the sales of other. Here is the preview of this Exclusively Supply Agreement Template,

Exclusively Supply  AgreementTemplate

IMPORTANT TERMS & CONDITIONS:  Following are the most common terms and conditions of Exclusive Supply Agreement.

  • Prices, ordering and payment.
  • Quality.
  • Scope of supply.
  • Delivery, performance and storage.
  • Supply and serve period.
  • Claims and under liability for defects.
  • Warranties.
  • Applicable law.
  • Termination.

A well-drafted supply agreement specifying crystal clear terms and conditions will assist keep away from misconceptions, preventing conflicts and over alleged breaches of obligations between parties. An issue with supply agreements may be often found after the agreement is negotiated and signed even the agreement is analyzed by business professional or a legal professional. Legal professional will remove onerous clauses, but are simply not aware of business norms.  They lack knowledge of issues with agreements that occur most frequently, it is necessary to analyze the agreement by both a legal professional as well as business professional. If your organization lacks a business professional familiar with supply agreements, assistance should be sought.  Legal professional overview is necessary, but not sufficient for creation of an excellent supply agreement.  All issues should be covered such as price, delivery method, exclusivity and quality.

COMMON MISTAKES:  Mostly the mistakes written in supply agreement are made by distributors or suppliers lacking experience.  However, large companies mostly have business and legal professional assistance and they rarely make mistakes in those agreements.

  • Going too fast. The best policy would be to expend the business slowly by obtaining gradual results.  Mostly, large agreements are difficult to deal with and chances of losses are always there, so it is necessary to go step by step.
  • Termination. Parties with less experience with supply agreements sometimes tries to minimize the chance for termination of agreement.  They falsely suppose that without addressing termination the agreement can last forever.  The best supply agreements allow for termination for cause and for convenience.  Supply agreements that allow for termination only by one party are bias.   Experience shows that these kind of agreements mostly end in a legal dispute.  By simply allowing both parties terminate the agreement will eliminate the chance of legal disputes.  A reliable supply agreement must point out the responsibilities of both parties during the agreement, notice of termination and after the termination of agreement.
  • Frequency of Price Changes.  Supplier sometimes thinks that they would have better competitive benefit if their prices were restricted to change once per year.  This might benefit the distributor, but benefit of one party over the other will not go well for long-term relationship.
  • Consistency. If the agreement allows changes once per year both partners will be under pressure, so the best agreement enables modifications throughout the year.


  • Get a model agreement from any organization.  Many organizations provide model agreements for free or at a very moderate cost.  The model agreement will help you to compare and evaluate the agreement that you are going to sign.
  • Utilize your community of friends in the market.  Friends dealing with indirect competitor might have no concern sharing an agreement, which has been proven over time to be problem free.
  • If you are signing an agreement in foreign land, you can find chamber of commerce in most countries throughout the world.  These organizations can help learning now to conclude a balance agreement.
  • Negotiate process should be done with the help of legal professional.

Here is download link of this Exclusively Supply Template,

Download  Exclusively Supply Template

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