Employment Agreement Template

By | June 10, 2014

Employment Agreement is a legal document which delineates terms and conditions and rights of employee and employer. It is put in order when an employment offer is acknowledged, at this point a number of matters arise to be consider as duties and rights, terms of service, timing and salaries etc. Before signing agreement make sure that agreement is fair and have a balance in rights of employee and employer otherwise you may suffer during the course of service, this assurance can be acquire from different departments such as labour department, citizen advise bureau and community law center etc. Writing employment agreement to be legally valid is not obligatory rather it will help if discontinuation comes in the course of employment.Here is preview of this Employment Agreement Template,

Employment Agreement Template

Though it is not necessary keep all terms n conditions in written form but an employment agreement must include the following points whether express or implied:

  • to sustain trust and confidence through collaboration
  • to proceed in good devotion towards each other
  • to pay rational heed to make sure health and safety in the workplace
  • Timely variations in agreement
  • Conditions for the termination of service

Any person who is not an employee e.g. self independent workers and free lancers are not compelled to sign any employment agreement. Agreement must declare that employee is short term or permanent in the company. Each agreement ought to comprise of two parts one has important information and other must declare rules and regulations along with duties. The principle statement must contain these information.

  • Employer and employee names
  • Employment date and continuous service ongoing
  • Job location
  • Pay and whether it weekly, monthly pay etc
  • Working hours
  • Holiday prerogative
  • Job description / job title

Details of any group agreements that directly influence the employee’s conditions of employment.

Additional information can be provided in other documents such as workforce manuals, intranet sites:

  • Sick leave and pay entitlements
  • Pensions/ old age benefits and pension schemes
  • Disciplinary and accusation procedures
  • Petitions course of action under the disciplinary and accusation procedures

People often take employment agreement mistakenly wrong that they set a negative tone and do not convey right message. Infect it is wrong perception about agreements; these are ever helpful in case of any misfortune in your professional life. Secondly it is implicated that agreements are only for executives in companies. Termination clauses are unenforceable anyway,the authenticity is that termination clauses, together with those that are based only upon employment principles legislation, will be obligatory so long as they are appropriately drafted and the bond itself is properly entered into. As a strategy, we have every employee sign an employment agreement on their first day of work.  Companies often have employees sign a sequence of credentials when they get there for their first day of work, and one of those credentials is the agreement that they hope to rely upon. However, the truth is that the parties already have a verbal agreement in position and there is no need of any new agreement. Here is download link of this Employment Agreement Template,
Download Employment Agreement Template


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