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Partnership Contract Template

A Partnership Agreement or Contract as the name implies is an agreement between partners in a partnership that features and specifies the terms of a relationship between two or more partners. The elements of a partnership contract include information about the percentage of ownership of all partners, the ratio of profit and loss, the description… Read More »

Employment Agreement Template

Employment Agreement is a legal document which delineates terms and conditions and rights of employee and employer. It is put in order when an employment offer is acknowledged, at this point a number of matters arise to be consider as duties and rights, terms of service, timing and salaries etc. Before signing agreement make sure… Read More »

Advisory Board Agreement Template

Structure of Advisory Board Agreement Advisory board consists of a group of intellectuals or learned people, who provide their knowledge, skills, and experiences to the company or a particular business. So to meet the requirement an agreement is made between the head of the company and the advisory board which is called the advisory board… Read More »

Commercial Contract Template

Commercial contracts are crucial when two or more parties or businesses want to do some business together which can include money, products or services. It’s a common thing in the business world that you can’t run a company while working alone and eventually you will need to involve some other company too. This way when… Read More »

Wedding Photography Contract Template

Whether you are photographing a wedding, birthday party, senior portraits or family reunion event, it’s essential that you prepare a contract and ask the client to sign on it. this contract states the services the client asked, the services you agreed to provide and the price you both agreed to pay you in return of… Read More »