Rental Contract Template

It goes without saying that the real estate market has now become a hot topic, and everyone is taking much interest in how it actually works. As this trend went up, the people started getting more and more educated as to how to rent and buy property. The Property owners and those who rent property… Read More »

Sales Contract Template

The sales contract is a legal document that is signed between the vendor and the purchaser for the delivery of the goods or services. It includes all the respective details of the conditions at which both the parties have agreed upon to opt for a mutual business relationship. As it involves the exchange of goods… Read More »

Partnership Contract Template

A Partnership Agreement or Contract as the name implies is an agreement between partners in a partnership that features and specifies the terms of a relationship between two or more partners. The elements of a partnership contract include information about the percentage of ownership of all partners, the ratio of profit and loss, the description… Read More »

Purchase Contract Template

A purchase contract is a legal document that is specifically designed for some buying and selling purposes between the two parties who are intended to enter in this purchasing relationship. The purchase contract is actually a written document to show that two individuals or some parties have agreed upon buying and selling of a product… Read More »

Labor Contract Template

A labor contract is also known as a labor agreement. It is a binding legal agreement that provides a set of rules and regulations between an employer and an employee in order to govern better relationship. In a labor contract or agreement, both the parties enjoy the rights and responsibilities. What is more, parties can… Read More »

IT Service Agreement Template

Occasionally after you secure IT service treaty, you might be scared that your clients might give you more than you can deal with, or that you won’t be able to convey service on time. But not to agonize – if you fully prepare yourself and follow explicit strategy you will be able to follow through… Read More »

Farm Land Lease Agreement Template

Leasing land is the method for some small farms to grow their business by accessing extra resources without the investment cost of purchasing the land.  This can be very useful where there is a lack of managing resources. Here is preview of this Farm Land Lease Agreement Template, Terms and Conditions of Farmland Lease Agreement… Read More »

Exclusively Supply Agreement Template

The Exclusive Supply Agreement is an agreement between the exclusive provider of goods and distributor on exclusive basis in order to distribute and sell to consumers. Structure of The Agreement: The Exclusive Supply Agreement mostly describes the procedure how the products will be ordered and supplied.  It explains the strategy of supply, title of loss,… Read More »

Employment Agreement Template

Employment Agreement is a legal document which delineates terms and conditions and rights of employee and employer. It is put in order when an employment offer is acknowledged, at this point a number of matters arise to be consider as duties and rights, terms of service, timing and salaries etc. Before signing agreement make sure… Read More »

Advertising Agency Agreement Template

Structure of the Advertising Agency Agreement Advertising agency agreement is a legal document that describes the connection between an advertiser and its advertising agency.  An advertiser can be an organization or a person that place ads in order to target the market or customers.  The advertiser engages a marketing agency to produce marketing work for… Read More »

Advisory Board Agreement Template

Structure of Advisory Board Agreement Advisory board consists of a group of intellectuals or learned people, who provide their knowledge, skills, and experiences to the company or a particular business. So to meet the requirement an agreement is made between the head of the company and the advisory board which is called the advisory board… Read More »

Services Contract Template

Service contract is designed while hiring a designer, interior decorator, architecture etc. in order to detail nature of work and other relevant details of services. You can settle everything orally but written contract will prove really beneficial to avoid potential conflicts. Written contract will make it easy for you to effectively use all legal resources.… Read More »

Car Sale Contract Template

A car contract which is also called a bill of sale is used to make the deal authenticated when someone is selling or buying a car. As you give a lot of money to buy a vehicle, it’s essential that you make sure that everything is legal and there is nothing wrong with the vehicle.… Read More »

Selling Contract Template

Selling and buying products is a common thing in these days and a business deals with a lot of other businesses and companies for selling or buying products or goods. As this is a regular thing and mostly a company has to deal with more than one company at once, it’s important to sign a… Read More »

Commercial Contract Template

Commercial contracts are crucial when two or more parties or businesses want to do some business together which can include money, products or services. It’s a common thing in the business world that you can’t run a company while working alone and eventually you will need to involve some other company too. This way when… Read More »